Most people in entrepreneurship have the dream of becoming a millionaire, it all starts with making your first $10k, $100k, and then 10x’ing that to your first $1m. The crazy thing is, you can actually rinse this process to get to your first $10,000,000 and beyond.

Here are 3 golden keys that help the Cr8tify team and we hope it helps you too.


You have to first see it in your mind to make a million dollars before you actually earn it.

You want to focus on production versus just purely consumption and make taking action your best friend. Action beats anxiety.

If you can beat the anxiety and get yourself into action mode, it will create momentum that momentum will remove the need to chase shiny objects also known as the following 10 different gurus & influencers. Nothing wrong with it but produces more than you consume.

3 things that helped us make this $1million from our high ticket offers and how they work are the following;


The team identified the right clientele we would assist. The perfect customer exists, we primarily want to help 40+ businesses who operate in the USA/UK/Canada/Nigeria. In this case, it’s experts, coaches, and consultants who have a course, expertise, experience, passion, and a life message that they want to sell for a high price and get paid what they are worth.


The future of marketing is now built on personal relationships more than mass marketing, this is why you see the rise of DM, messaging, and 1 on 1 strategy sessions on the rise. Hence funnels are the future of marketing online. You want to have a funnel that brings in organic traffic and also multiplies your messaging with paid traffic. The ability to create cash on demand by spending $1 to make $5 is really the holy grail of business building.


Being able to power-position your offer, and your marketing to a group of high-end prospects will determine how far you can scale your business. We’ve been doing this for over a decade now so we’ve got expertise in creating offers ranging from $5k to $100k+. You want to have your funnels market and presell your offer. Marketing funnels with an irresistible offer that attracts the right prospects and repels the wrong ones is the golden key.

Wrong clients that are cheap, needy, and don’t do the work can suck you dry and zap your energy.

Right clients energize you, they align with your values and can help you create your courses as you go along. 

We often get 20+ booked calls a day for the sales team and we turn away people who aren’t fit. 

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Proven funnels that are made to turn leads into customers fast. We handle all the lead generation for you so we teach you how to get traffic but also just set up your ads for you.

We handle all the email follow-ups for you, we have proven to convert emails.

We create your webinar (or sales process) for you (slides, design, set up, and installation)

We create your entire checkout process for you so people can pay you directly. 

We set up all the technical processes in the backend for you. 

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