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Quality Lead Generation



Bellevue Dental

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Quality Lead Generation




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Abuja, Nigeria


Bellevue Dental required full-time management for their business, to develop an online presence and get a steady flow of quality leads with walk-in clients/customers. 

There was no available website, they had poor SEO and no google ranking, assistance was needed for social media management and online presence, bellevue had poor online sales and low traffic to landing pages, their advertising was poor and there weren’t any quality content

We were able to optimize their website for conversion which helps the site serve as a 24 hours salesman and carried out multiple SEO activities which is also a continuous process. we moved their business to the first page of google within 1 month. Our strategy in moving businesses to the first page, happens in the first 3 months which we usually achieve in less time. Building a lead generation funnel and sending quality traffic (paid advertising) to the funnel had a huge impact on the business revenue. According to the client, they experienced a 19% increase in sales revenue from our lead generation strategy. Continuous management of website and funnel traffic with the handling of all social media platforms combined with creating content keeps, engaging and interacting with interested customers. nurture campaign is a valuable tool in connecting with new leads and staying relevant with past clients. Ideally, a well-rounded campaign will funnel potential clients through predetermined actions based on their buyer profile and previous engagements with you.

We created a sellable website, improved the SEO scoring and website ranking on the first page of google, We increased traffic to their website hence more online sales. Graphics were created with CTA to reach out to the right target audience causing them to take any action on the various landing pages. Creation of video marketing content for social media accounts and youtube channels were made, We increased their revenue and provided clients which increased their fanbase. Pixels code were added to their website for Facebook, Google, and ads. Our company optimized social media for customers and clients to find as well as running paid campaigns


The client was impressed with our input based on the number of customers we were able to provide. Their online presence helped them in attaining the goal of getting new people plus referrals from clients, having requests for seminars/talk shows and consultations.