With over 4 billion people using emails, email marketing remains the king in marketing channels with a user base. It is actually one of the oldest means of digital marketing but remains unsurpassed in usage. People trust brands that provide, a good customer experience, and support social issues that align with their own. 

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Email marketing provides trust, leading to increased sales and more customer loyalty, which is why newsletters are worth the investment. 

In this article, we’re going to be looking at the key features of email marketing and how getting new clients is possible. Did you know that with email marketing you own the connections and don’t have to worry about algorithm changes suppressing your reach?

That’s why building a successful email marketing campaign is highly recommended. 


In email marketing, it’s highly recommended that you use email service providers that allow you do things in your own unique way. Having the customization ability allows you and the recipients to have fun because the basis of a great newsletter is an engaged subscriber list.

Look for an email service provider that offers fully-customizable message templates that will reflect your brand image and value.

The need for customization can be seen in the choice of fonts, customer’s name, location, gender, interests, etc. Instead of a generic greeting in yet another marketing email, your subscribers can be invited in by a subject line that features their name. Personalization has a significant effect on consumers, statistics have it that about 80% of brand customers will likely open an email when they see their names attached to the subject.


In email marketing, automation gives all the finesse needed for an email. Just as the name implies, it’s the ability to send out bulk emails at the projected time. Some email service providers even suggest time brackets when an email should be best sent out. And also, automation frees your team up to focus on other aspects of the job like long-term retention, creative designs, and product offer while still maintaining the customer connection.


In email marketing, tracking data is just as important as your success with the customization ability.  To grow your audience and business, you need information even to the finest detail about engagement and performance. A good email service provider will put in place analytics that will enable you to compare your email marketing performance to other marketing channels so you can gain a view of audience engagement.


By templates, we’re referring to email templates that reduce time-wasting. Email templates provide relatable and beautiful designs you can customize rather than wasting time and building every email from the scratch.

Sounds like a time-saver right?


Split testing allows teams to optimize based on substantial data. It’s crucial that your email newsletter service has the capacity to run split tests, determine results, and automate optimization. Split testing allows you to be able to send two versions of an email campaign to a selected fragment of your subscriber list. And then, after a set period, the service provider should be able to determine the best one based on whatever key performance indicators you set. Once it determines the best one, automation would trigger the winning email to be sent to the remaining audience.

IN CONCLUSION; Remember that you are but a guest in the inbox of your selected recipients. To the reader, your email is one amongst a thousand; and this may not be a good way. So making good use of the basics that have been discussed in the article will give you a good impression. 

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